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“Nature-based health-promoting tourism: an economic and future-proof boost for the Alps”

HEALPS2 Final Conference

We are pleased to invite you to the Healps2 Final Conference that will take place in Lecco (Italy) on May 18 th and 19 th  (the 20 th is reserved to the projects Partners).The event will be attended by leading figures from the regional and international health tourism sector who will present experiences related to the topic such as the promotion of health tourism offer within specific areas of the macro Alpine Region in Europe and enhancement of natural resources, including therapeutic purposes.

The conference will present the scientific project output – such as the Tourism Health Management Toolset, the Alpine Health Tourism Innovation Model and Training Toolkit on Innovation Model and Tactical Toolset – and will discuss the different perspectives with health tourism professionals and policy-makers.

DOWNLOAD the HEALPS2 Final Conference flyer and preliminary agenda

DOWNLOAD the document with useful information on how to reach Lecco from nearby airports.

Mandatory registration to the following link:

Attendance is free.

We provide project outcomes, scientific studies, best practice examples and match-making towards health promoting and nature-based tourism. As a tourist region, destination management organization or administrative body you receive inspiration and assistance to further develop new, innovative offers within your region.

What are your ideas for a nature-based tourism in your region? What are your needs, your unanswered questions? Become a member of our community, share your thoughts and profit from the collective intelligence of the network. Find out what other Alpine regions are doing for a health promoting tourism!

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Scenario Tool

Be the first to receive inspiration and guidance for new offers in nature-based health promoting tourism in the Alpine region.


The International
Symposium 2021

In October 2021 the community met for the International Symposium in Bad Gastein to share their knowledge about nature-based and health-promoting tourism as a motor out of the crisis.



Scenario Tool

Introducing the Scenario Tool

The powerful scenario tool helps destination managers to analyse and optimize the health tourism potential of their region. The tool matches the needs and expectations of guests with the natural resource profile of a destination. This allows for the creation of added value in terms of public.

Watch the video here.


International Symposium Healing Power of the Alps

In October 2021 the community met for the International Symposium in Bad Gastein to share their knowledge about nature-based and health-promoting tourism as a motor out of the crisis. Read more in our recap.


Therapeutic Climbing

In the alpine mountains there are countless climbing and bouldering routes with varying degrees of difficulty. Therapeutic climbing is a new approache with promising evidence.


Kneipp Hydrotherapy

Sebastian Kneipp, the father of Kneippism, developed this special kind of Hydrotherapy.. What clinical research is there on its benefits and effectiveness?

Institute of Ecomedicine

About us

ITG- Innovation Service Salzburg and the Institute for Ecomedicine of the Paracelsus Medical University are driving forces in the development of the transnational development of nature-based, health-promoting tourism with the EUSALP Framework.