Online Scenario Tool

Do you also want to better exploit the potential of your Alpine destination in nature-based health tourism?

Within the Interreg Alpine Space project HEALPS²,
we developed a tool that helps destination managers
to analyze and optimize the health tourism potential of
their region with regard to evidence-based products.

The tool is available very soon!


This tool allows you to generate added value through the unique and local potential of your Alpine region. It compares theoretically derived ideal images of nature-based and health-promoting tourism based on medical evidence with the reality in your region.

The recommendations result from the best possible match between ideal conditions and reality.

For more information, watch the video below!


6 reasons for using the Scenario Tool

Helps you develop new tourism offers
Inspired by the healing powers of nature
Rooted in scientific research
Based on the natural resources of your region
Based on offers existing in your region
Based on the specifics of the Alpine region

How it works

Bergwandern im Hochkönigebiet

Step 1

Fill in an online survey on health tourism

In order to provide you with an optimal analysis and added value, specific questions are asked about your destination. These include, for example: existing Alpine natural health resources, number of overnight stays, existing infrastructure and offers such as physiotherapy or guided hikes. Please also provide relevant key factors such as cross-sector collaboration and accessibility.



Step 2

Our algorithm will process the answers.

The tool uses a database with the knowledge of medical studies on the effect of natural Alpine health resources and it´s touristic usage in terms of prevention, therapy and rehabilitation. Our algorithm processes and compares these different information streams with your answers in the survey. The tool then identifies and evaluates the unique selling points for your destination.

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Step 3

Receive a report with your results and recommendations.

After an evaluation phase of around two days, we will send you a report via e-mail. In the report you will find the outcomes and recommendations for your Alpine health tourism destination. The report gives you advice for the use of local natural health resources and the improvement of health services in relation to suitable indication-based target groups. You will also receive a visual representation of the results.

Innovation Service for Salzburg

Step 4

Develop your own tailored nature-based health offers.

With the tailord information on your destination, you can better exploit the potential of your resources in the form of innovative and target-group-specific offers in the future. To do this, you can either start your own development process or take the next steps with the help of the community. At the end of the report, you will find further information on the various development paths, specific contacts and possible funding opportunities.