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Find out about project outcomes, scientific results and best practice examples on nature-based and health promoting tourism in the Alpine region.

International Symposium

Healing Power of the Alps

In October 2021 the community met for the International Symposium in Bad Hofgastein to share their knowledge about nature-based and health promoting tourism as a motor out of the crisis. Our recap summarizes the findings and gives a glimpse into the atmosphere at the venue.


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Final conference

Final Conference Interreg HEALPS2 Project

The event featured leading figures from the regional and international health tourism industry who will present experiences related to the theme such as promoting health tourism offerings within specific areas of the Alpine macro region in Europe and enhancing natural resources for therapeutic purposes.

The conference presented scientific project results-such as the Health Tourism Management Toolset, the Alpine Health Tourism Innovation Model and the Training Toolkit on Innovation Model and Tactical Toolset-and discuss the different perspectives with health tourism professionals and policy makers.

Watch the video here.

Watch the video interviews on the Univerlecco website:

Scenario Tool

Introducing the Scenario Tool

The powerful scenario tool helps destination managers to analyse and optimize the health tourism potential of their region. The tool matches the needs and expectations of guests with the natural resource profile of a destination. This allows for the creation of added value in terms of public.


Watch the video here.


Introducing Healing Alps

This first video will introduce you to the Interreg Alpine Space project HEALPSĀ² and present the healing resources, main objectives and the approach which aims at positioning the Alpine Space as a globally attractive healing region.

Watch it here.


Therapeutic Climbing

In the alpine mountains there are countless climbing and bouldering routes with varying degrees of difficulty. Therapeutic climbing is a new approach with promising evidence.

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Kneipp Hydrotherapy

Sebastian Kneipp, the father of Kneippism, developed this special kind of Hydrotherapy.. What clinical research is there on its benefits and effectiveness?

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